New blogger: Clayton

Hey everyone! Soren (the creator of this site) and I have teamed up and now I will be posting on this blog as well! I have a lot of ideas for this site that I think will really be beneficial for you all!

Really soon here we are going to be setting up a newsletter for you guys where we will be giving away a lot of really cool content and helpful links among other things.

My name is Clayton and I LOVE Star Wars, everything about it! I have always thought that it is so amazing just how deep the storyline is and how there is so much to the Saga. I think everything about it is fascinating. And I just want to tell you guys that I am just as excited about this upcoming release of SWTOR as all of you are!

So I am going to be here enduring the wait with you guys but the game will come soon enough! I am looking forward to contributing in any way I can to this site and to also get in touch more with the subscribers of this site.

Talk to you all later and God bless! I will be posting soon 🙂