Author: Johan Larsson

Say Hello To Sabacc – the Star Wars Card Game

As every other iconic gambling game, so too Sabacc has crossed time and dimensions and reached our galaxy, and our interconnected network of computers. If you don’t know what Sabacc is, let’s take this journey together and discover. The first mention of Sabacc ever recorded on paper was in the second draft of The Empire Strikes Back script. In it, Han Solo recalls that his friend Lando Calrissian won Cloud City in a Sabacc game. Now that sounds like a high-roller game – winning a whole city in a card game is not too shabby. From that modest beginning Sabacc spread through the various worlds of the Old Republic. In its original form Sabacc is quite a complex game, a combination of blackjack, poker and a freewheeling slot machine. How can blackjack, poker and slot game come together in a single game? Check this out: The cards used in Sabacc aren’t made of paper, but rather are…

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