Author: Kenny Gill

How Video Games Can Make Students Smarter

The gratuitous qualms of many parents come about when kids play video games. This is because these games are so riveting and enthralling that kids often forget that they have other activities such as exercise, sleep, house chores, and school assignments. Additionally, some parents fret that violent video games affect the attitude and behavior of their children in a negative manner.  Nonetheless, there are some computer games which not only sharpen and improve the memory of children but also inclines them to assist other people in the real world. Furthermore, below are some of the other ways through which video games can make students smarter.  Are brain-training games beneficial? Yes. These games are beneficial in various ways. Not only do they improve their intellectual skills but they also help sharpen their memory. For instance, if one finds themselves in a difficult situation, it may be easy for them to come…

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