Author: Peter Andersen

Stuff learned from this weeks beta

Here is some hints, tips, and settings that I found doing this weekends beta. If you are using ATI, update your drivers. I think it’s 11.10 right now. You don’t want 11.8. You’ll probably spend about 3-5 hours on your starter planet which takes you to level 10, or very close to 10. At around level 8-9 you’ll get your first companion. Once you finish off the planet you’ll go to your space station hub. As soon as you walk on to the hub, if you are level 10 you will immediately see a quest giver who will tell you to choose your advanced class (AC). You will then go over to your trainer and make your choice. If you’re not level 10 you may wish to remain on your starting planet until you are. At this level you’re ready for your first Flashpoint as well. Make sure to do…

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Here’s That Phantom Menace 3D Trailer You Haven’t Been Waiting For

Lucasfilm apparently snuck a trailer for their 3D rerelease of Star Wars: Episode I—The Phantom Menace into theaters this past weekend, where it played in front of such not-screened-for-critics fare as The Three Musketeers 3D. (Sadly, I missed Musketeers because I was at Paranormal Activity 3 instead, thinking not so much about that movie but rather about the lady who had brought an incessantly screaming infant to a movie made up of little more than cheap jump-scares.) Here is is: It’s a weird trailer, but if you’ll allow me to get even geekier than usual for a second, it’s interesting to see how it takes a very different approach from Episode I’s original trailer (which I still think is pretty impressive, and which I still have fond memories of watching over and over in a friend’s dorm room on her slow-ass computer, looking at every goddamn frame for evidence of how…

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Hammer Station flashpoint video

Before anyone shouts shenanigans I’ll tell you right now the flashpoint is in an extremely unfinished state right now. There’s no map (pretty big deal as it’s a massive instance with lots of paths), bosses don’t drop loot and there’s no convos outside the initial quest. It’s actually one of the more interesting flashpoints so far though. There’s branching paths depending on your professions, boss mechanics are mostly finished and it’s very visually impressive. This is the first example I’ve seen of a flashpoint being done with two people and their companions (and by an agent operative!).

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