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SWTOR Companions List

Here is the full companions List for Star Wars: The old republic. Each class will be able to get a total of 5 companions through out the game. Each companion will be able to do different types of damage or play different roles in a group. Each companion will also give different bonuses to your crew skills in swtor. Pro Tip 1: If you enter your Quest Log, go to Codex then ‘Person of Note’, you can see what your companion likes/dislikes. This way you know what to say on dialogs to get +affection. Pro Tip 2: Companions use crafting materials that are in your cargo hold, you don’t have to carry crafting materials on you. Pro Tip 3: If you hit N for crew skills, you can click the individual crew skill next to each companion. For the longest time I was picking the general “slicing” button at the…

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