Daniel Erickson

TOROCast: Jedi Immersion Event

TOROCast as promised has published a wealth of information from the Star Wars: The old republic Jedi Immersion Event. The guys got an Interview with Daniel Erickson that you can check out below, and a great job collecting player stats and NPC info: Nothing is more important to any MMO players efficiency than their stats and understanding how they affect your character. Min/maxxers especially care about stats since it is through stat optimization that we can set ourselves apart. Below you will find a complete breakdown of everything we learned from our playtime. Each level, main and primary go up by 4, secondary goes up by 1. It is possible that their is a rotation we can see this by looking at the increase in primary stats. So they go up by 4, then they go up by 4, then they go up by 3, and rotate like that. Unfortunately…

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NowGamer interviews Daniel Eriksson

NowGamer had a chance to sit down with Daniel Eriksson and get some community question answered. Here is a snip: You’re entering a market that’s dominated by World of Warcraft – other than the license, what’s going to draw players to The Old Republic? I really think the unique selling point is going to be the storytelling. One of the great things about storytelling is it’s universal, it’s easy to get into – when you first played it you just clicked on a guy and started making choices in a dialogue, and it was easy to understand how to do that. It’s a great way to very gently introduce somebody to an MMO that has maybe not played something like that. Because we’ve taken the focus off the grind and the levelling, if you’re not that sort of player you can play our game for a couple of hours and put…

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New SWTOR Video interviews from G4TV

G4TV have added two new Star wars the old republic video interview to their library. The first one is with Daniel Erickson in witch he explains the gathering, crafting, and mission components that make up crew skills. There is not much new information coming from Mr. Erickson in this interview, although he mentions some race/class combos. The Second interview is with BioWare Co-Founder Dr. Ray Muzyka. This interview is more or less the same as the one gamespot did, but have some information on Dragon age 2 also. Check em both below: Video Description: Star Wars: The Old Republic will be the largest Star Wars game ever and will feature PvP. Morgan Webb here visits with BioWare Lead Writer Daniel Erickson for a look at Gathering, Crafting, and Missions, and the Warzones these battles will take place in. Video Description: BioWare Co-Founder Dr. Ray Muzyka could have coasted along for…

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