friday update

pax update 1

As you all know, PAX is currently in full swing and BioWare is there as well showing of Star Wars: The old Repulbic . And website Ask A Jedi has the first details. In particular they had a Q&A session with Senior Producer Blaine Christine and Lead Writer Daniel Erickson and posted a few highlights from that (with the full interview to follow later): They’ve definitely heard the “feedback” on the Jedi Wizard. My take is that there is more info coming in this regard. Companions aren’t going to make players gods above those who choose to play without them, but also players won’t necessarily be able to “spec” their character to make up for lost companion stats, if they choose to play without one. Advanced Class choice has been relegated to “still in development” – meaning, very much on the fence as if it will be permanent or not….

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Friday Update: Space Combat again

Another friday, another dev post from the team over at BioWare! This week, BioWare decided to focus (yet again)on their interesting addition of Space Combat to their highly anticipated Star Wars MMO: Star Wars: The Old Republic. You can follow the link to their uploaded video, which showcases some impressive cinematics and game play of ships blowing up other ships, although for fans who are craving some free-wheeling exploration, it does seem like these are more “guided” missions than just blasting out into the middle of space (and really, that’s a lot of work to do!). In the dev post, the team notes that there will be faction-based missions involving “epic space battles,” with the core focus on space combat. Those flight scenarios look pretty darn nice! Blast your way through asteroid fields, enemy fighters, and a variety of other obstacles as you encounter fast-paced Space Combat missions in Star…

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