Bounty Hunter Gameplay Compilation

The guys over at Red Rancore put together another incredible gameplay compilatin. This time the Bounty hunter gets some love. I know it’s been a while, but I finally have the third installation of the Gameplay Compilation series completed.  This time, I’ve chosen to display the Bounty Hunter in action, with selected gameplay footage from all officially released video thus far in pre-beta.  I’ve also added in a bit more detail to the abilities now that some are confirmed from reporting done at GamesCom and PAX.  As always, I’m open to critique, comments, and any wanted additions to my videos.  Without any further ado:

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PAX 2010 SW:TOR presentation

The vidoes of BioWares presentation during the Pax 2010 is now finding it’s way into the internet. TOROcast has now uploaded a 32-min video of the complete presentation! The only part that misses is the Q&A  you can see it here below: The Q/A part of the show that took place at the end of the presentation is now online. have posted a few videos revealing some spoilers on Jedi story (including on how you will get a lightsaber) and the Republic Smuggler. Darth Hater went there as well and got a few nice tidbits for us. First there’s an interview with Blaine Christine. Here’s an excerpt: There is really a controversy on the forums right now about the Jedi Wizard, and the meanings behind that name and why it was chosen. Blaine Christine: I’m not intimately involved with that particular naming process, but all I can say at…

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