Design Q&A – Lightsabers, The Force, and Space Combat

Exclusive SWTOR Design Q&A – Lightsabers, The Force, and Space Combat What kind of level cap do you have in mind? James Ohlen: We are going to have a level based system, and we are going to have a level cap, When we know what that is we’ll share it with you. Gordon Walton: There are a lot of thing that we aren’t going to be able to share with you simply because they’re still in development. BioWare games go through a lot of iteration before we ever settle on something. We’d rather give you real information than blow smoke up your….whatever. When we share something with the community, we’ve played through that part of the game enough that we’re confident that it’s going to be in the final game. We’re really, really committed to no overhyping the game. Rich Vogel: It’s BioWare and it’s Star Wars. Overhyping the game…

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BioWare Blog and Dragon Age Updates!

BioWare has opened a new section on the official website called the BioWare Blog. The theme of the blog will be story-based gaming of all varieties. Make sure to check it out! In addition, the Dragon Age: Origins website has been updated with new content. See a new video showcasing how your choice of Origin Story can affect the game. New Dragon Age: Origins posters are also now available for download, and check out the Fanged Skeleton and Wynne updates, all on the official site.

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A Q&A with Daniel Erickson [Ten Ton Hammer]

SWTOR Writing – An Exclusive Q&A with Daniel Erickson Are you looking at putting some of the expanded universe characters into the game that weren’t really mentioned in KOTOR I and II? Individuals like Exar Qun, Nomi Sunrider, and Ulic Qel-Droma? Daniel: Absolutely! It’s really one of the areas that’s important to us. Outside of the guy at Lucasfilm that keeps track of the Holocron – the repository of knowledge that is “true” in Star Wars – we probably have the largest group of experts on the Star Wars history. We never want you to have quest where you listen to a librarian for two hours, but we know that it’s very important to the people that are familiar with the IP. Even the things that contradict other things in the expanded universe, we’ve tried to iron out. One of the things you may have noticed in KOTOR is that…

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