I’d Actually Play An Imperial Agent, And Here’s Why

As much as I’ve always liked Star Wars, I’ve certainly developed a wary attitude toward the over-saturation of certain, erm, iconic figures in that universe. If you were ever to compile all of the fan-made Star Wars costumes that exist today on the internet, I guarantee you that the breakdown would be something like this: 23% Darth Vader 22% Boba Fett 54% Princess Leia in a Gold Bikini 1% Misc. Bikini Leia and her stunt double nap in the Tatooine sunshine It’s not that I don’t think that Vader and Fett aren’t cool; they are, for various reasons mainly relating to their outfits. But their popularity is way, way out of proportion to what they’ve actually done to earn it. Pop culture and fandom is funny that way. We fixate on something that looks cool and might have been cool, 20 years ago, and elevate it to infallible worship. This…

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