Peace for the Republic?

It’s Friday again and that means it’s time for our weekly fix of Star Wars: The Old Republic content. This week, Master Gnost-Dural voiced by Lance (The Man) Henriksen returns with another HoloNet chronicle video telling of peace, betrayal, and Sith Infiltrators in the Jedi Order. BTC 103 – More than a century before the Sacking of Coruscant, two Jedi scholars embarked on a journey which became one of most inexplicable mysteries of its time. Young Jedi Knight Eison Gynt joined his Master in a mission to investigate the Ancient Sith Temple of Yavin 4. On Yavin, the pair was attacked by the native Massassi and driven into the Tomb of Naga Sadow where a powerful force of darkness emerged. Gynt’s Master returned to Coruscant wounded and half-insane, remorseful that young Eison Gynt had been killed in the chaos. Years later, however, Gynt returned from Yavin on his own and…

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Target Launch Spring 2011 Confirmed

I just got an email from Sean Dahlberg, Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Manager, with the following text: While we have not announced a specific date, we can confirm that we are targeting a spring 2011 release for Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. We’ve got a lot of exciting updates and reveals planned throughout 2010, including the first-ever hands-on testing for the game. It’s not too late to sign up to be a game tester, so go to www.swtor.com/tester and sign up today. We can’t wait to share more about the game with you as we progress through the year, so make sure you stay tuned to the official website for details. You can also read the update on the official forums. Thanks Sean. Note that this is a target; they might miss their target it if they run into problems or such. This isn’t an official release date…

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