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SWTOR Rumor: Summon Beacon Reusable

Many SWTOR fans are wondering what might be coming in future editions of the game.  SWTOR Miner loves to datamine for info that might give us clues about future patches and game updates. Along with the speculation, this image shows the game files with one interesting thing noted: “summon_beacon_reusable”. We’re not really sure what this means but there are a lot of theories and ideas. For example, it could be like the craftable item we had in beta that would let you warp to the locations of other players. How cool would it be instantly teleport to play with members of your party or people on your friend’s list? It was basically like a consumable quick travel point. It allowed you to summon a beacon that other members could then teleport to at your location. Some say it’s been in the game files since beta and others suspect it might…

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Datamining the 2.2 PTS

Lots of info is now coming out about Game Update 2.2 and what we can all expect in the next update. Reddit user  swtor_miner has found some interesting info via a data mine that tells us a lot about what might be coming soon in the game. As always, don’t take data mines to heart because anything can change between now and when the game goes live. Some of the cool info mined from here is that the Rakghoul event is coming back! There are also some great new items such as: Crest of the Dread Master – This golden crest appears to have once belonged to a Dread Master, but its form is ancient and unfamiliar. A strange and unsettling power emanates from the cold, etched metal. Mounts Helix Hyperpod – Increases lateral translation rates by 110%! Titan Six Containment Mode – Increases movement speed by 110%. Represents the ultimate choice in regional…

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DarthHater Data-mined Wookie Life Day! Yes it’s Coming!

Lots of exciting news coming out about 1.5 and upcoming SWTOR news, free to play and the Cartel Market. With all of this, the crew over at DarthHater found something else cool.                   DarthHater discovered something pretty interesting when updating their database yesterday with all the new items included in the PTS patch. They found evidence of a Star Wars-centric holiday event called Wookiee Life Day. How cool is that? This could be a new World Event for the Christmas holiday season. Since the original Star Wars Holiday Special centered around the Wookiee celebration of Life-Day, this gives a lot of opportunity to work this into the game. Here’s the stuff that DarthHater found: Items Life Day Orb Life Day Holiday Holo-Tree Life Day Vestments Life Day Lower Robe Life Day Boots So what do you think? Would you participate in a world event like this? Do you want to see…

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