Daniel Erickson is “Actively looking for new opportunities”

We learned in the past that making assumptions based on a person’s LinkedIn profile is not always the best idea. Some people take a little thing such as change of job description and blow it into something it’s not. However, if you take a look at Daniel Erickson’s profile, you will see that he says he is “Actively looking for new opportunities”. This lends itself to a little bit of conversation. The Lead Designer/Creative Director at Bioware/Electronic Arts works in the gaming industry, an industry we know is booming and at the same time, one that can change with the snap of your fingers. It takes an entire team of people to build and launch a game and after that launch, all of the same team members are not needed to stay on. Layoffs usually happen and those creative people have to search for a new job or a new…

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What Are Bioware Fans Looking For?

Apparently, there are a large number of people who are claiming that Bioware is ruined forever and that they have betrayed their fans. Some are so upset they’ve vowed never to purchase a game with the name Bioware on it ever again. Why are they so angry, and what does the company need to do to satisfy the fans who have alleged betrayal? Bioware has a great history of getting things right. Obviously they’re not going to knock one out of the ballpark every single time, but many fans are concerned that Bioware thinks they can get away with making rushed products only for the sake of the dollar instead of cranking out games where there was obviously a lot more effort put into the final product. In Eric Cain’s blog at, Cain admitted he was “extremely harsh on Bioware,” and added, “I was biased, and while I stand…

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Swtor collectors edition now 30 bucks at Kmart

Star Wars: The old republic collectors edition is now at sale for 30 bucks at Kmart. This is might be somewhat depressing considering what we paid for it at release, but this could also be an especially good deal for players when the Free to play version launches. Think of all the  cartel coins you will get.  A BioWare CSR has confirmed that it is indeed  possible to upgrade your account to the  collectors edition. You also get access to the Collector’s Edition Store if you upgrade it now, and of course the Darth Malgus statue!

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