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Infographic: Crew Skill Guide for End-Game Gear & Mods

We absolutely love it when we discover great finds from members of the SWTOR community that we can share with you to help your experience in the game. The guys over at Ask Mr. Robot do a great deal of projects and tools like this to improve the game and playing experience for everyone. They’ve been kind enough to create a great infographic with full details about crafting. This visual guide shows exactly what end-game gear can be crafted for each slot. It’s a great way to find out what gear you need and where and how you can get it. It’s color-coded and clear and easy to understand with a legend at the bottom describing what all the icons are for. This is something you can easily bookmark, save to your computer or even print out and hang near your computer so you can refer to it often to…

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Dulfy Brings Us How to Calculate Companion Gift Affections

Dulfy has brought us another fantastic lesson on SWTOR. We really appreciate the time and attention to detail she puts into helping others understand the game and get more from their experience in it. This week she brought us a great guide on calculating affection with your companions from gifts and conversations. Thanks Dulfy! “Calculating Companion gift affections Many of you have probably seen a chart like this that list all the affection a certain gift will give.         Have you ever wondered how that is calculated? If you are curious, those numbers are fairly easily generated via a simple formula! It is simply (gift rank – companion affection rank) * type of gift (green, blue, purple) * Likeness (indifferent, like, favourite, love) Rank Difference There are 5 ranks of companion affection and 5 ranks of companion gifts Rank 1: -1000 to 1999 Rank 2: 2000 to…

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