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How to call BioWare customer service for free

At some point you might need to get in contact with the BioWare customer service. You might have forgotten you security answer ( like me) or something ells. If you don’t want to call the customer service in the states or in Ireland becourse it might cost you some money, here is a trick. You can use skype without buying credits and call any toll free number, and that includes swtor’s CS. All you have to do is add a contact and type the number in the phone number area Here are the numbers if you need them: USA, Canada: 1-855-GO-SWTOR (1-855-467-9867) UK, Germany, France: 00800 0246 9273 (008000 BIOWARE) Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore: +800 0246 9273 (+8000 BIOWARE) For calls originating from countries not listed above, please call the following number: +442035642555 * using a landline or mobile phone, or 1-855-GO-SWTOR (1-855-467-9867) using your VoIP service (such as…

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SWTOR Tip: Gain Credits by Converting Unwanted Tionese Comms and Crystals

Once you have your 4-piece bonus, there’s not a lot of point to the Tionese commendations and crystals. Or is there? You may not have known that you can actually trade these into credits and earn a lot of cash quickly (especially if you have a lot of them on hand). So how do you do it when you can’t sell the comms and crystals? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. All you have to do is use the comms and crystals to buy gear pieces (that you don’t need) and then sell them back for credits. And if you want to earn the most from this trick, you need to buy the cheapest items from commendations because they actually sell for most credits. You could easily get 120k-150k credits if you have commendations and crystals saved up. Do you have any SWTOR quick tips or tricks like this you want…

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