How to enable Anti-Aliasing in SWTOR

SWTOR looks great, that is a fact that all of us playing it know. However, did you know you can make it look even better by just tweaking a few things here and there? You don’t have to be a computer pro to learn how to enable anti-aliasing in SWTOR and get a better look in the game. This write-up from PC Gamer tells you exactly how to do it- easy peasy! For Nvidia cards, the live version of TOR doesn’t allow forced AA via the Nvidia control panel, so here’s what you need to do. Locate the following file path: (C) > Users > (user name) > AppData > Local > Swtor > swtor > Settings > client_settings Make a copy of the “client_settings.ini” file, just in case, then open it up for editing. Find the line that says [Renderer] and add this line beneath it: AntiAliasingLevel = x…

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