BioWare Banning for Using Profanity in SWTOR?

There has been a buzz recently about BioWare dropping the ban-hammer with prejudice on SWTOR gamers for things such as profanity, going to Illum before level 50 and anything that appears like chat “spam”, even if accidental. This has a lot of players asking if BioWare is being too heavy-handed in their banning practices. While most of the threads on the official forums about it are quickly locked or deleted, there is a discussion going on about it at Reddit and one user also captured a screenshot of their ban warning email which was posted on the forums but that thread was later deleted. Basically, this user said he was sent an email warning after using profanity in private tells to friends in game. The email warns the user that he will be banned if he is caught using this language again. No one seems to be able to get…

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Warning on SWTOR Bans

What will get you banned from SWTOR? That’s a great question as we ease into the pre-launch and the eventual December 20th launch of the game. Some players are finding out that the ban-hammer just might be more sensitive than we thought. It seems that there are some things that are auto-flagged as bannable offenses and many of them are integrated into the chat. This user on Reddit warns other players that the ban-o-meter is pretty sensitive in SWTOR right now (which might not be a bad thing, really): “i was having a conversation in hutta about Aion, and the terrible time we had with RMT and botters. I said (and got an email verifying it) “i just hope we don’t see aion-style spammers ala ‘W W W . B U Y T H I S’ its annoying!” got an email saying I was permabanned for “Harassment – Advertising (mass…

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