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SWTOR Beta End Game Review for Level 50 from MMO Champion

With the launch date for SWTOR scheduled for December 20, 2011, Star Wars/MMO fans are interested in learning more about this game. The excitement continues to grow with each passing day and if you’re like most players, you’re searching for all the inside information you can find which is why we want to bring you as many awesome SWTOR reviews as we can before the big day. MMO Champion has a very interesting review on their beta experience end game for level 50. A lot of testers were never able to get that far in the game so it’s pretty interesting, all in all. It talks about some of the things there are to do once you reach level 50 (max level). You can learn a little about the bosses in the game, operations, raiding and crafting. You’re going to get some facts and details with sprinkles of opinion from…

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