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Blizzard Lays Off 600- Is SWTOR to Blame?

There has been news just recently that ActiVision Blizzardhad to make some layoffs. They have cut 600 employees from their BlizzardEntertainment Unit, the department that runs the popular MMO, World ofWarcraft. While Blizzard justified that the staff reductions are insync with its current organizational needs, the layoffs have many in the gamingcommunities buzzing about the state of WoW and whether or not other games (suchas SWTOR) are contributing to its decline. You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone talking about SWTORnot mention WoW. Players, guild leaders and even SWTOR’s own dev team findthemselves slipping up and using WoW terminology when discussing the game. So manyof us played WoW for such a long time (and many still do) that it’s hard not tomake comparisons between the two. However, do these statistics and layoffs mean that SWTOR iskilling WoW? Not directly, no. The game has been on a decline since thebeginning of 2011…

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