The “That’s So SWTOR!” Screenshot Contest – 2400 Cartel Coin Card Giveaway!

What do you see when you first think of SWTOR? What if you had a chance to win 2400 Cartel Coins by sharing a screenshot that makes you think “That’s so SWTOR!” You can learn more from the Community post here on Reddit: Community Post | The “That’s So SWTOR!” Screenshot Contest – 2400 Cartel Coin Card Giveaway! | 7/5/13 Howdy guys! As mentioned last Friday, I’m starting a contest today to find the single most SWTOR screenshot. What does that mean? Well, it means that I want to see what SWTOR means to you! What screenshot have you taken that really remind you of everything that SWTOR is to you. Here are the rules: You can submit up to 3 pictures, but please only make one post. You can vote on submissions, but I will be choosing the winner, so don’t bother trying to downvote other peoples’ submissions. I…

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Torhead Launch Contest

We are all about bringing you cool and awesome stuff so we had to make a post to tell you about Torhead’s launch contest where you have a chance to win some really neat prizes. There will be a grand prize and first, second and third prizes just in time to help you get the most of your gaming experience with SWTOR. Grand prize features the Astro A40 Gaming Headset and Razer Naga. I currently use the Naga and I love it. These are really awesome prizes and it’s easy to get your own chance to win. As explained by Torhead: “With the big Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Test Weekend kicking off soon, we are celebrating the launch of Torhead with some awesome loot. Even though Torhead is able to garner a lot of TOR’s information automatically what really makes the site great are the user contributions. This…

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