corso riggs

TOR TV: Ode to Corso Riggs

Corso Riggs… do you love to hate him? Then you will absolutely love this song, “Ode to Riggs”. Fcroaonlk has created this fantastic song that will give you a lot of laughs. The song is divided into some of his main issues with Corso. The song download link will be available at 1000 views so check it out and share it with your friends, too. It was originally inspired by Suzume_Bachl’s… interesting post on the SWTOR forums. Here are some fun facts about the song: 1) I’m wearing a Yoda shirt that says, “Trust me, a Jedi I am”. 2) This was created with FL Studio, an H4n microphone, iMovie, fraps, and a smart-phone video camera. 3) I have exported this video about… 10-12 times since (a) my computer can’t handle the large video files, so I can’t actually watch it unless I export it and (b) I was working…

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