crew skills discussion

SWTOR Guild Summit Economy/Crew Skills Discussion

Economy and crew skills were one discussion panel I waspersonally interested in. This is probably because one of the things I lovemost about playing MMOs is playing the economy and making money/credits. I likewatching the numbers grow. It’s a weird fascination I have… to each his own,right? So anyway, there were some pretty useful things to come outof this panel at the Summit. First, they said the economy is doing very welldespite the hard to use Galactic Trade Network (GTN). We could all agree thatcould use a little more work. This panel was very much about stats and figures so I lovedit (others seemed to be falling asleep during it- but then again, it was a longday). Here are some highlights: Crewskill distribution: BioChem is not the most used skill – archeology andscavenging skill are most skilled. most popular crafting skill is artificefollowed by BioChem. Underworld trading dominates mission skills…

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