Friday Feature

Friday Feature: SWTOR May Reach 1 Million Subs after Game Update 1.2

Now that Game Update 1.2 is here, the big question that everyone is asking is “Was it worth the wait?” I suppose a good secondary question would also be “Will it bring subscribers back?” Gaming Target said prior to the release of 1.2 that they thought the big game update might cause SWTOR to reach one million paying subscriptions. With 1.2 and future update promises, will it be enough to keep that many players hooked? SWTOR, like Blizzard’s dominate World of WarCraft, has the potential to be “a successful long-term online subscription PC game,” according to the report. This is due in part to the high-profile Star Wars name, the game’s massive budget and the regular DLC drops including next month’s SWTOR Game Update 1.2. This has been the right mixture to hook subscribers, who are paying upwards of $15 a month for access to the game. “The current trend…

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