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SWTOR Guild Summit 2012 Operations/Flashpoints Discussion

For those who enjoy PvE, the Operations/Flashpoints discussion was one of the most interesting. 38% of level 50 players have played in an operation We know there are lots of bugs – particularly in Eternity Vault With game testing and feedback, things go a lot smoother Looting system in normal needs improvements – we wanted to make it PuG-friendly so you don’t have to yield to masterloot – we will deviate from this a bit in the next update. Another thing we want to do is allow you to trade destined loot. Existing operations are pretty easy – we want Hardmodes and Nightmare to be more challenging than they are right now. Explosive conflict: harder than current operations. Needs a whole new level of coordinate rather than more gear and more stats. We want to focus on coordination and execution. Takes place on Denova, it will be tier 2 raid…

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