SWTOR vendors will sell ultra-rare most-wanted white Lightsaber crystals

Remember when players really wanted those ultra-rare white Lightsaber crystals? Lightsaber crystals are one of the most-wanted novelty items in SWTOR. Who doesn’t want to have their own lightsaber? Most Star Wars fans can agree with this one. Now what if you had the option to control what color your lightsaber beam was? Again, most will agree that this is a great feature. But in SWTOR, it’s not as easy as just wishing for a certain color (where is the Force when you really need it?) Instead, you will need to obtain crystals that change your existing lightsaber color to the color of your choice. BioWare has recently revealed the very popular white lightsaber crustal will be available in the game and you can buy it from computer-brained vendors. BioWare revealed this information in a blog post about future game changes. “”In related news, a very limited number of pure white…

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