How to change the SWTOR boot up loading screen image

Are you tired of looking at the same SWTOR screen when you load your game? Do you wish you could do something fun or creative with the screen or find something better to look at for those few seconds while you wait for the game to load? Well, you’re going to get a kick out of this little bit of info we found (because we definitely did). This just in: That’s right! You can change the image that the loading screen uses when you first boot up to the game! To do this, go into your program files and find your Star wars the old republic folder. From there got to the file path:   swtor>retailclient>LoadingScreens  and add any .JPG file to the folder and simply rename it LoadingScreen and you’re finished! Enjoy!   Here’s a thread on Reddit that shows how to change the SWTOR boot up loading screen…

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