swtor controversy

Family Research Council against Gay Relationships in SWTOR

You will remember that some time ago, some SWTOR players complained that the game did not give the option for same sex companion relationships. BioWare first defended this decision by explaining that homosexual relationships did not exist in the original Star Wars worlds, at least not that were known to us from the storyline. However, it seems they have changed their tone to meet the demands of the fans as they have announced that they will be launching a same-sex romance component to the game in a future patch. This is completely optional and players will choose whether or not they want to romance companions of the same sex or not. Many gay fans are celebrating the news but of course the voices of those against it are just as loud (maybe louder?). The Family Research Council (FRC) is speaking out against the gay relationships in SWTOR and had this announcement…

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Outrage over SWTOR: Vette Makes the News

So apparently Vette has made the news (if you consider the Daily Mail news, that is). Today they ran a story about the outrage of SWTOR which allows players to ‘own’ and torment female slaves with electric shock collars. Bold subheadings declare that the game has “scripted lines such as ‘obey my every command’ and options to beat and torture a female slave. The article then adds that gamers “boast about how badly they treat her” but it hardly says one thing about the fact that you can choose to be nice to Vette. I, for one, took her collar off as soon as you proved herself by completing the task I gave her. Anyway, the Daily Mail seems to want to make everyone think that the game is evil with this horrible plot to demean women and promote slavery. It’s hardly that bad at all. First, we are talking…

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