SWTOR customer service

Live CSR Agent on Korriban

BioWare is upping the ante on their customer service department. In the early days of launch of SWTOR, there were complaints about the CSR team. Complaints and issues generally took awhile to get answered and many players did not feel satisfied with the level of response they were getting. However, I have to give BioWare props because when they see a problem, they attempt to correct it. Just the other day I had a ticket responded to in less than 3 hours and it was not even an urgent message. They sent me an email about it and when I replied with some additional info, I got a response in 5 minutes. But I’m not the only one experiencing better customer service. This Reddit user had an encounter with a live CSR agent on Korriban and he screencapped the conversation to share. He even got permission to post it on…

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