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748 Pages of Rage- Why You Are Not in the SWTOR Pre-Launch Yet

If you’re still anxiously awaiting your chance to get into the pre-launch Early Entry experience, you are not alone. Two of my friends who pre-ordered on the day the game was available for order got in on the first wave of the first day. A few other friends made it in later the same day and some others got in today but lots of people I talk to are still waiting. If you’re feeling like a straggler, don’t worry; your time is still coming. For some people, this isn’t good enough. There are some very angry SWTOR fans who shelled out a great deal of cash up front to be able to get into the game as quickly as possible and some are mad they are not in yet. We were told by community staff that we would receive daily updates as each wave goes out until all pre-launch waves…

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