SWTOR girls

The Unofficial SWTOR Girl Gamers Thread- and Why it’s Not for Me

San Diego Comic-Con 2008. Photo Courtesy of Jason Scragz For those unaware, there is an “unofficial girl gamers” thread on the SWTOR forums. It’s in its 4th incarnation last I checked and is garnering thousands of replies. From this thread has also grown a number of girl-gamer websites for female SWTOR fans such as SW Girls started by Amonette. There’s even a girl SWTOR Wiki. No, I’m not kidding you… It’s the go-to place if you’re a female planning to play SWTOR who wants to hook up with other females but it’s not for me. I just like to play my game my way and meet people along the way, regardless of their sex, race, religion or other affiliation. To me, it just doesn’t matter. This got me thinking about the whole gamer-girl thing and how the video game industry has evolved over the years that I’ve been a gamer….

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