armormech guide

Leveling Guide 1 through 400 for Armormech

The patterns in this leveling guide for Armormech crafts are only available from an Armormech Trainer. After you complete a step, train for the next level by visiting the Armormech Crew Skill Trainer. The Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent and the Trooper are the classes that can use Armormech crafts armor. The primary gathering skill used in Armormech is Scavenging using Compunds and Scavenged Metals. The secondary mission skills needed are Underworld Trading and Underworld Investigation and they allow players to collect items needed to make blue and purple gear. When choosing the secondary mission skill you’ll need to use, you have to take into consideration the class that will be using the armor you craft. Underworld Investigation is used for armor for the Imperial Agent and the Smuggler. Underworld Trading is used to make armor for the Bounty Hunter and the Trooper. Reverse engineering is an option you can…

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