Armstech Leveling Guide 1-400

SWTOR Armstech Leveling Guide 1-400

The patterns in this leveling guide for Armstech are obtainable from an Armstech Trainer only. Armstech is used to make weapons, weapon parts and mods for tech users and the classes that can use them are the Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent and Trooper. The primary gathering skill used in Armstech is Scavenging using compounds and scavenged metals. The secondary mission skill is Investigation using research compounds. After you complete each step, you can train for the next level by visiting the Armstech Crew Skill Trainer. Reverse engineering is an option that will allow you to use fewer materials on the items you make. However, this process produces random materials so it’s impossible to calculate a precise number for players to use. For this reasons, this leveling guide is based on the materials needed when reverse engineering for Armstech is not used, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll need. Here…

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