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Reddit, SWTOR and an Autistic Student Who Needed Help

With some students, it takes a teacher willing to go the extra mile to really reach them and help them. In a truly heart-warming story, we see just how far one teacher would go to try to connect with a new student. When Lyobel got news of a new student with little time to prepare, we see how an entire Internet community came together to help via a video game and Reddit. BioWare, first to respond to the post, also sent some signed posters to the teacher and student. What a wonderful memory they will always have together! This post on Reddit gives the full story: Hoi! Some of you might remember me, if that is the case I congratulate you on excellent short-term memory! I am, for those who don´t, a special education teacher, who got a new student dumped on me without much time to prepare. What I…

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