bioware fraudulent game codes

BioWare Promises to Take Action against Gold Sellers and Fraudulent Code Users

Who likes a cheater or a spammer? They ruin games and there is nothing more annoying in an MMORPG than the gold spammer. Sure there are gamers who purchase gold/credits in games that they play and we don’t judge. However, even gold buyers have to admit that the gold sellers are annoying. They send unwanted mail, spam chat channels and not to mention the tactics they use to farm the credits in the first place. Then there is the added problem that unless you are playing a game that allows micro transactions (which SWTOR does not), then you are putting your account at risk if you participate in the purchase of credits from a third party. BioWare has gone to great lengths to try to make the economy fair and make it possible for anyone to earn the credits they need to fully enjoy the game. Regardless of how you…

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