Bounty Contract Guide

SWTOR Voss Kingpin Bounty Contract Guide

To do the SWTOR Voss Kingpin Bounty Contract you are going to need to head to the planet Voss where you will be hunting Eryn Talosa. In this bounty you will be given information from your contract, probes to track your target and information on where to release those probes. Eryn Talosa will either need to be killed or captured to complete the contract. You will find your contact, Sama Zo, on the bridge in Voss-Ka. Talk with Sama and then you will receive your mail containing the bounty target. You will want to release your probes near the bridge (there are a lot of trees so it’s going to be difficult to track) as this is the best chance of getting a clear shot. You will need to get the Priceless Voss Cultural Artifact from inside the Tower of Prophecy. To “borrow” the artifact you will need to interact…

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