Cartel Coin Card

SWTOR Cartel Coin Card Availability Update from Damion Schubert

Have you tried to buy any SWTOR Cartel Coin cards yet? Have you ran into any problems? DamionSchubert, SWTOR Lead Designer came into the forums yesterday to give us an update on the Cartel Coin card availability. This is actually a very useful post for anyone who plans on purchasing these since there has been a lot of confusion surrounding them both now and before they even launched. The post from Damion in the official forums reads: Current Status: Walmart. Physical cards are available in many Wal*marts. You may want to call ahead, they’ apparently sell out very quickly. Best Buy. You need to find a Best Buy with a Pre-order Kiosk. On that Kiosk, search for “Star Wars Old Republic” and you should see a 2400 cartel coin offering. Print a receipt, take it to the register, and they will print out a code for you. There are no…

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