TOR for TOTS – 24 Hour Live Stream Play Session

It is our greatest pleasure to be able to bring you great stories from SWTOR and Star Wars fans. It warms my heart to see gamers do good, especially when it involves children. So it is with my greatest pleasure that I get to bring you the story of TOR for TOTS. 4 gamers played SWTOR live for 24 hours accepting donations, then purchased tons of rocking Star Wars toys to donate to charity. How awesome is that? This thread went up on the official forums to tell people about the event: If you want some good karma, head over to this stream, or any of the streams that page links to; these guys are giving all donations to charity. Learn how to play your class and nerd out for the kids all at once! And then some great Community Members from The Bastion server conducted a 24 Hour PVP/SWTOR…

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