More info on Treek, The Healing Ewok Companion Coming in 2.3

This cute little guy comes with patch 2.3 and personally I cannot wait because he’s adorable. Who doesn’t want a little healing Ewok companion? Ok, maybe some of your wouldn’t but I’m willing to bet he’s going to be pretty popular which, of course, is why BioWare made him. We mentioned it briefly in this post but now we have more information, including some great videos on what he will look like. A new Legacy-wide Ewok companion named Treek is coming as part of patch 2.3! Treek is an Aim using Tank/Healer with awesome combat animations. madsithassassin has uploaded this video about the guy: Here is another video: After looking at the videos, I think I like him even more. What do you think? Is this a companion you would want to have?

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