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Teamviewer on an Iphone Means SWTOR has been Played in the White House

Someone in the White House is playing Star Wars the Old Republic but we’re guessing it’s not President Obama. SWTOR in the White House- it’s a fun thought, really. I remember touring the White House a few times when I was a kid growing up in Virginia. We went there for school field trips. I definitely never got to play a video game inside the Blue Room. What about you? Teamviewer on an iPhone means SWTOR has been played in the White House and we also have the pictures to prove it. What is Teamviewer? TeamViewer is a piece of software which you need to install on your PC. There is also an Android app and iPhone app available (which is what this player was using in the White House). It allows you to access your game from your mobile device. However, the connection drops easily and I find it very…

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SWTOR Character Sheets

Have you ever wanted to be able to share your SWTOR characters with everyone outside of the game? Want to be able to post them on your blog, SWTOR website, guild site or elsewhere on the Internet and show off your toon? Well, now it’s possible and this is a pretty nifty tool. Here’s how it came to be Spread the SWTOR looooove! A fan (Miallen) stopped in our forums with a design idea for small embeddable character sheets. Then Scorpiux and Genshen over at Cali Killed Nox (CKN) picked up the project and used Mr. Robot’s API to make these a reality. They can be embedded on any site, including Enjin guild sites, wordpress blogs, you name it. It’s one of our favorite uses of the API, along with the SimulationCraft project that imports characters. Very cool! You can go to their site right now and check it out and then make your own. Here’s…

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Build of Master Satele Shan’s Lightsaber

How would you like to own Master Satele Shan’s lightsaber? To me that sounds like just about the coolest thing on the planet! I’m not the only one who thinks so because this guy made one for his wife. That kind of sets a new precedent for husband-to-wife gifts, don’t ya think? It wasn’t an easy task but boy is it awesome! If you’re not familiar with Sloth Furnace, he creates some amazing pieces of functional art/props. These lightsabers don’t just look pretty- they are exact replicas and they work with lights and sounds. On average, he says it takes him 6 months from conception to completion on one of these. He details the entire process in photo with captions of how he created this fantastic lightsaber, down to each and every detail. It’s pretty fantastic. It’s all from the minds and the hands of Bradley W. Lewis, video game developer…

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