SWTOR Datamining 2.2 Live Version Updates

How would you like to be riding around on this stingray mount? There’s a good chance you can be really soon in SWTOR. swtor_miner has a new update for us regarding the 2.2 live version datamine. Here is what we got for you: So let me start of by saying there’s not much new stuff that wasn’t already covered by my previous post on the 2.2 PTS. The most interesting thing comes from the codex – Wartime Correspondent – You earned this title as a reward for your guild’s prowess in battle and living to tell about it. What the heck does that even mean?????? Searching for some kind of meaning for those words I dug back into the 2.2 PTS files. This title was originally listed under “itm/mtx/title/recruit_friends,” but now on live it’s under “itm/mtx/title/digital_surge.” There are no other references to “digital_surge” anywhere. So, you’ll have to provide your own meaning…

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