Dread Palace

World First Nightmare Dread Palace Speed Run

<Zorz> Claims another world first! This is a really cool story about the first ever Nightmare Dread Palace speed run. Check out the image for proof and the stream/video is also available if you want to see exactly how they did it. If you or your guild is interested in the fights or in progressing yourself, you really should watch their videos. They are organized and have the technique down well enough to be able to pull of record-breaking feats like this. There’s definitely something for all to learn from them. That being said, they also had invested time on the PTS, seeing and practicing a lot of the content long before others ever got around to seeing it so that’s a clear advantage as well. So who is Zorz, anyway? From their website: Who Are We We are a group of like-minded players on The Harbinger who strive to play…

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