edi Starfighter

A Gem of a Star Wars Game – Jedi Starfighter

If you never had the chance to play the game, or if you’re just looking for some nostalgic fun, check out this Jedi Starfighter Retro Review from Joe, The Alternative Gamer. He says everything I would say about this game (and likely better). I was a big fan back in the day and honestly, I’d love to go back and play it again for old time’s sake.  It’s an all-around great game and a lot of fun to play. Some have called it “Rogue Squadron Lite” which is a fair assessment, really, but it’s still fun in its own right. The story itself is simple, but good enough to keep you interested. It doesn’t take away from the gameplay, but isn’t the best story around in terms of Star Wars games. That’s okay because Starfighter isn’t about that anyway. It’s about flying and fighting (duh). It’s really one of my favorite games…

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