Amazing SWTOR Collection

If you thought your SWTOR collection was impressive, you have to see this guy’s. Sharing his images here, you can see some fantastic shots of his amazing collection which includes: Havoc Squad armor Havoc Squad action figures Collector’s Edition Gentle Giant Darth Malgus statue Voice actor framed signatures and photos SWTOR team signature (like mine from the 1st Guild Summit) Commemorative coin from the Guild Summit (also in my collection) SWTOR decals on his car windows Loads of awesome SWTOR shirts Employee only launch custom eFX Lightsaber all the SWTOR comics Lego SWTOR He was part of the 501st/Rebel Legion and has a page of his stuff here It’s an office full of awesome. So what items do you like the best from his collection? Do you have any SWTOR goodies of your own?

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