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Star Wars: Darkness Rising: The Threat Within Chapter 12

Chapter 12 “Oh, come on, Lowie,” Ren whispered.  “Aren’t you in yet?” Lowbacca growled at her from where he was half inside a console.  He grabbed hold of the frame and pulled himself out.   “Don’t get that tone with me, Furball,” Rae snapped.  He bared his teeth and held up a small device.  “You were able to get the information?” she asked.  He nodded and tucked the device into one of the pouches on his belt.  Lowbacca paused as he pushed himself to his feet.   He glanced to Rae and saw her frozen.   He growled softly and she nodded.  “I sense it to, Lowie.  Someone’s coming.”  She glanced over to him.  “Where do we go?”  He did not have to think about it.  He knew the only way out was up.  He pointed upward and growled.  Rae didn’t argue, only gave him a curt nod.  They both ran, heading out…

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Star War: Darkness Rising: The Threat Within Chapter 3

Scene 3 The Lady Luck descended into the atmosphere of Yavin 4.  Lando flew past a Mon Calamari Cruiser and four Nebulon B frigates that were stationed in orbit.   None of the ships contacted them but they were scanned multiple times.   “Yavin control to Lady Luck, please state the nature of your visit,” came an almost childlike voice from the comm.  “Yavin control, this is Lady Luck.  We are here to speak with,” Lando paused for a second giving Nien a glance who shrugged.  “Grand Master Skywalker.” “Affirmative, Lady Luck.   Sending coordinates for landing now.  Please be aware, we do not have automated guidance and the skies are busy.”  “Copy that, control.  Coordinates received.”  Lando banked the Lady Luck and descended toward the jungle below.  In the distance he could see the crescent of the gas giant rising and below a jagged hung of superstructure from the original Death Star. …

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