New Owner of TORParse Revealed

Some of you may know theITfactor from Redditif you follow the SWTOR subreddit regularly. Well, we have some exciting news about TORParse and its new owners. The news comes after this post on Reddit: Hello fellow SWTOR players and TORParse users! It’s been a chaotic last two months, but I’m pleased to announce that TORParse is finally fully transitioned to its new ownership. My name’s Hayward and the other co-owner is BigBlockhead, both of us from the Jedi Covenant server and the guild Tranquility. We can’t wait to get going with the updates we have in store for TORParse, and just as James was we are always open to ideas and suggestions for making it even better. AMA! Their intro post here explains a little more of their background in the gaming community: Sam was previously a statistics admin for TORParse, working closely with James over the last few months…

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