Frank Gibeau

Frank Gibeau Interview with Venture Beat

Frank Gibeau talks with Venture Beat on EA’s digital ecosystems, Star Wars games, and Titanfall (interview part two) with information about EA’s future, games in the works and more. As you may already know, Electronic Arts has some very large properties in the video game world. FIFA Soccer, Titanfall, Star Wars Battlefront and more are examples of some of the big titles we have coming from EA this fall. Venture Beat talked to Gibeau about this and more in part 2 of this great interview. See a snippet here: GamesBeat: It seems like you guys, as EA, can believe in a digital ecosystem around games. If you’re Disney, you can believe in transmedia. You can do toys and films and whatever. You guys have the Need for Speed film. When do you step outside that? Gibeau: We have an embarrassment of riches in terms of intellectual properties at EA. Then, you couple…

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