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SWTOR Free-to-Play: 6 Reasons You Should Try It

SWTOR free-to-play is coming in just two more days on November 15th. If you have always wanted to play the game, now is the perfect time. If you played in the beta or even tried it when it first came out and quit, there are some very compelling reasons why you should consider trying it again now that it’s free to play. Let’s take a look at 6 reasons you should try SWTOR: It’s Free- What better reason is there than “free”? There is nothing to risk in a free game. How can you be sure you get more than you pay for? Play a free game, of course. There will be subscription options for those who want to upgrade and getting something more from the game. Great value for a free game- Okay, free is cool but let’s face it; we all know that you get what you pay…

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Reminder: Lapsed Players have until July 17th to Check out the Game for Free!

Did you quit SWTOR but now you want to check it out again? Have friends playing and talking about the new stuff but you let your account lapse?  All you have to do is log in through the launcher! Now you have some time to check out the game for free and see if it’s worth getting your subscription going again. This post on SWTOR Facebook explains: “Haven’t checked out SWTOR since Game Update 1.3? With Group Finder, Ranked Warzones, and higher population servers, the gameplay experience has never been better! Returning players can check out the game for free up to July 17th (provided that you left on or before June 20th). Just start up the SWTOR launcher and log in now! For more information, check out this handy Help Support page. What are you waiting for? Try it for free! Be sure to share this status and spread…

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