Guardian Angel

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  With patch 1.2 not far off, everyone is preparing for what changes this might be to their played class. For the Jedi Guardian, a lot of changing are incoming. Most, however, are not aimed at the Defense Guardian. A few key changes are on the horizon that may help the Guardian, as a whole, in the long run, including a brand new ability. Relevant 1.2 Patch Notes: Added Focused Defense, a new ability that allows the Guardian to spend Focus to lower threat. While active, one point of Focus is spent each time damage is taken to heal the Guardian for a small amount. This ability is usable while stunned and is not limited by the global cool down. Defense Blade Barrier is now located in Tier 4 of the skill tree. Blade Storm no longer consumes stacks of Courage while the “Momentum” buff is active. Command no longer…

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Guardian Angel: Statting and Itemization

So far, with the Jedi Guardian we’ve only covered the very basics, including leveling, builds, rotations, and tactics. Now it’s time for itemization. Note that for the current build, 1.1.x, end game itemization is greatly limited by the amount of gear available from the tier system. There is only one tank set for Tionese, Columi, and Rakata gear, as well as Centurian, Champion, and Battlemaster gear. Though you may not be able to itemize as you choose now, familiarity with the system and how you can manipulate it will help you for later builds, such as the upcoming 1.2 patch. The only stat I will not cover in this article is armor, which is a stat that you have virtually no control over. We will start with the most basic stats. Strength and Endurance: As far as primary stats go, even in 1.2, your ability to manipulate these will be…

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