jedi knight guardian 1.6 build

SWTOR Jedi Knight Guardian Vigilance PVP 1.6 Build

This post will give you a build for the Jedi Knight Guardian that is focused on PVP and uses the Vigilance tree. This build comes courtesy of which is the best SWTOR leveling guide and general strategy guide so it is well worth a look if you are looking for some help leveling faster. We will post the video that tells you how to allocate the points and then we will give you some rotations and information on how to use the build. Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic SWTOR Jedi Knight Guardian Vigilance PVP 1.6 Build Form: Shien Form PVP Stat Priority: Expertise > Strength >= Accuracy (until 105%) > Critical Rating (until 30%) = Surge Rating (until 75%) > Power/Force Power The Guardian in PVP can be one of the most frightening classes to deal with. Uniting a high amount…

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