jeid consular pvp build 1.2

Jedi Consular Shadow PVP Build For 1.2

Today we have another PVP build and this time it is for the Shadow class and this one comes courtesy of SWTOR Savior. This build should help you out if you need a good PVP build for 1.2. The build will allow you to be awesome 1 vs 1 duellist and makes for some awesome survivability and you will also have very high damage output. To use the Consular Shadow you want to try and single out high priority targets or the squishy DPS players and healers. Although PVP is all down to the situation and the people you are facing at the time these rotations will help you if you need a guide: You will start a fight by stealthing or pulling your target with Force Pull and then use Spinning Kick. You can then follow up with Double Strike or Shadow Strike and Force Breach. Just keep an…

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